Why Car Loans Through Moneez.com.au?

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A car is a basic necessity for most of us and not being able to get one or paying too much interest for one is no good. At Moneez, we believe that getting car loans should not be that difficult.  If you have a property under your name then we can get interest rates which are as low as home loans. These loans are called property backed car loans and you do not need to put your property up as a guarantee to get this loan – we only need 1 rate notice showing you have a property.

In the event that you are self-employed and have an abn for over 6 months we can get you a low doc car loan with minimum deposit – these are ideal for self-employed people looking for a vehicle to expand or improve their business

Work visa holders normally struggle to get loans but at Moneez we specialize in this field and can help work visa holders get a car loan in a quick time. 457 Visa car loans is something we do quite often, but we cater other kinds of work visa’s also.

Credit impaired car loans are also available, but not many people know where to go for that. We work with specialist car loan lenders who offer that opportunity to get car finance for people who may have had a credit issues in the past to get a new vehicle.

So whatever your situation – just call us for discussing your options on 1300 666 339 today.

We just ask some simple questions over the phone and get 2 payslips, ID and certain basic documents to start the process off. So first step is just to call us to start the process.

Borrowing capacity is based on your assets, liabilities, expenses and income so once we have that information we can tell you the exact amount.

Car loans can take from as little as 2 hours to max 2 days to get an approval. Depending on whether the assessor needs more information or more documents  to give an approval.

Yes, as long as you have any abn under your name for minimum 6 months we can help you a car loan provided other lending criteria is met.

We can get a loan approved with 24 hours for 457 visa holders normally. The loan is normally approved for the term of their visa.

If you have a stable income and bank statements to back it up then we can get you a car loan for 100% of the car value even if you have bad credit.

If the unpaid defaults are for utility bills then we may be able to get you a car loan with 10% deposit.

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