On September 14, 2015

Moneez Finance Brokers – Why Use Them?

1) Do brokers charge money?

  • Well brokers like any other professionals do earn money. But unlike what popular thought is, brokers do not charge the clients for the money. On most occasions, the banks give the broker’s commission for selecting them over most of the other banks for their customers. Most of the banks pay almost the same and brokers can lose out on all commission made if customer leaves the bank in 1 year so more often than not brokers will make sure they give the best option to their customers.

2) Do I get a better deal if I go to a broker or the bank?

  • This is one of the most common question customers have. The answer is simple, banks give special deals and specials rates on occasions to brokers to promote their product over other banks as they know that brokers have knowledge of the industry. On many occasion,s our brokers have gone to the customer’s bank itself and got them a better deal than what they would have got if they went directly.
3) Do brokers put applications at several banks?
  • Not Us. At moneez, our brokers will assess your situation, select the most suitable bank for your situation and lodge only 1 application as lodging too many applications can affect your credit file.
  • The simple fact is, you cannot go wrong with us at moneez. We have specialist brokers for different situations and will go that extra hard yard to get you the best deal available.

Call us today on 1300 666 339, email us on info@moneez.com.au or fill this form out www.moneez.com.au

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