On February 13, 2019

The Value of A Finance Broker

The myths behind the requirements or non requirements of a finance broker are many. People wonder why they need a finance broker and benefits of having one or reasons for not having one also in some occasions. From my view those myths are really not always true. Its like lodging your PR visa application you
On February 13, 2019

Home Solutions for Self Employed Provided by Moneez

Being self-employed should not be the reason why you are holding back on your dream project. At Moneez we have a specialized team for people who are self-employed to get a full doc or low doc home loan. You can build or buy your new house with the minimum hassle of documents at an excellent
On February 13, 2019

Top Ten on your Checklist for First Home Buyers

1) Check your max borrowing capacity with your finance broker 2) Make sure your contributions are ready. Have you saved enough deposit or are we using Family Guarantee, Gift funds or credit cards. 3) Find out all fees of bank, solicitor, mortgage insurance, stamp duty and other expenses 4) Make sure you have researched the
On August 24, 2015

Different kind of Vehicle loans we can help with

  Car Loans As the name suggest, it’s a simple loan for a car. Ideal for consumers looking to buy a car. Normally interest rates are competitive and can be approved for new or old vehicles up to 8 years old. The car is used as a security against the loan.   Personal Loans Personal