On February 13, 2019

The Value of A Finance Broker

The myths behind the requirements or non requirements of a finance broker are many. People wonder why they need a finance broker and benefits of having one or reasons for not having one also in some occasions. From my view those myths are really not always true.

Its like lodging your PR visa application you may be able to do it yourself but you want to have a migration agent as he is specialised in the field and knows the in’s and out’s, or having a lawyer for your court battle or real estate agent for your house. Its not that you cannot do your job without them but they will make your life easier and your job much more worth it.

When it comes to getting a loan for your home you can check a couple of sites and see rates of different banks, but to know all banks policies, hidden charges, benefits can take time and experience and will cost lot of time and money.

But there is someone who can help you with your home loan requirements and DOES NOT charge you any money for that, and still gets you the best deal in the market and does all the running around for you. To good to be true you might say – but it is. A finance broker is someone who actually does quite a bit of work and works with many different banks, gets paid almost the same commission from all banks and stops getting any ongoing commission if the customer leaves the bank.

A finance broker actually makes sure that the customer is always on the best rates and best deals on regular basis as if the customer finds a better deal and leaves him he also losses on reputation and ongoing trial.

Services that Top Brokers Offer

Moneez financial Pty Ltd along with few other mortgage broker firms is a leading firm which offers some really good services which not all brokers can offer. Few of them can save you lots of money and TIME when you need to get your loans done urgently.

Few of the most important services some leading brokers can offer are as below

1) Quick Service – Leading brokers give many deals to banks and if they are a Diamond Broker or A+ Broker they tend to get jobs done within days instead of weeks. This is a question you should always ask your broker before lodging a file with them

2) Great Variety – Most of the top brokers will offer 25+ lenders as options for variety of loans
Experience – The person getting you money should know how to do that and should be doing that for a while.

3) Experience matters! – An office with several staff with few experienced staff is very very important when it comes to getting a trick loan over the line.

4) No Charge – Some brokers get commission from banks and charge their customers. Legally you can but leading brokers know its important to save as much as possible for clients and will not charge any fund to their clients for any deals they do.

5) Leg Work – Its about your convenience, not ours. Brokers should do all the running around for the documents and making sure deals are settled on time, solicitors and banks are doing work on time also. Brokers will do the running around for you.

6) Solutions – Leading brokers will have solutions for any situation. It can be no document home loans, low doc loans, 457 visa loans, bad credit loans, low doc business loans, 99% home loans for people with low deposit and more. Top brokers will have a solution for almost every client. Its about getting the job done in the best professional manner for the clients and the lenders.

To end this article, I would like to invite all readers to contact a finance broker before or after meeting their bank for their next loan requirement. It could be you have got a pre-approval or been rejected by the bank or it could be you just about to look for a new loan, a finance broker is someone who you should consult and see the difference.

~ Vishal Brahmbhatt – Director of Moneez Financial Pty Ltd (Senior Finance Broker)

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